About the Programs

Genius & His Friends Programs are about unlocking your child's inner potential so that they can overcome challenges and create their success in life.

We do this via our Virtual Classroom.

The Programs encourages and motivates children to think and act positively developing a strong self-belief.

The programs are unique in that it introduces the concept of we are what we think and explains through a series of processes or intellectual faculties which we use when we think. They are Imagination, Intuition, Will, Memory, Reason and Perception. 

Give your child the opportunity to unlock their genius within.

Meet Wendy:

Hello, My name is Wendy Marquenie and I am the Creator and Author of Genius & His Friends with a passion to help children become all they can be by unlocking their inner genius within. I have been studying Personal Development for the past 8 years, becoming a Certified Proctor Gallagher Consultant and a Certified Soul Kids Coach. I have written a couple of motivational books, and an International Best Selling Author. I wanted all of this information to be accessible to children so I created these programs for children from ages 7 through to 18 years.

Wendy Marquenie


What Others Think of the Programs

“Program Your Inner Genius for children 7-12 years old from Wendy Marquenie is a real treasure. Every child is a special gift. Wendy created this program to teach them how important thinking is. The thoughts influence every part of human being. Everybody possess very special gifts. We call them intellectual faculties and they are imagination, memory, will, perception, intuition and reason. We should be careful what we plant in our mind. If we uncover one treasure in our mind, we can become what we truly want to be. Program is educational and it is delivered in a very playful way.”

Margita Dziakova

“My name is Troy Wittmann. I have worked in education for nearly 30 years. I have written several books and articles on appropriate methods for involving children in the learning process. Recently, I had the pleasure of reviewing the Inner Genius Kids program Wendy is onto something exciting and inspiring with this professional, detailed, and thought provoking resource. Parents could effortlessly include this program into the raising and developing of their children. The Inner Genius Kids program will help parents raise assertive, passionate, resourceful, and creative children. Teachers could easily incorporate this program into their lessons allowing children to see their true value from an early age. I am proud of what Wendy Marquenie has created here. I know the Inner Genius Kids program will make a positive impact because it is research-based and extremely authentic and honest in its approach to helping children succeed. ”